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                                     OUR HISTORY
White and Greer was Founded in 1945 by Maynard "Johnny" Greer and Jack White. Jack and Johnny began their career as plumbers apprentices who performed the work of insulators in the 1920’s. When the first insulation union was formed they joined and worked around southern Ontario in commercial and industrial insulation. They met in the 1930's and during the war decided to start White and Greer after The War Act ended in 1945.

Throughout the decades, White and Greer continued to thrive by ensuring quality, safety and the customer were paramount. They proudly completed projects such as Toronto Pearson Airport Terminal 1 (Aeroquay One) in the 1960s, the CN Tower in the 1970s and Sick Kids Children's research facility, Queen Elizabeth wing in the 1980's.

After Johnny's passing in 1994, Dave Thomas assumed ownership of White and Greer. Having joined the company in 1979, Dave used his decades of experience, leadership and creativity to reposition White and Greer for success in an ever changing industry. 

Moving into the 21st century White and Greer continued to rely on the main pillars of expertise that had allowed them to succeed. With Dave's vision the company also began to focus on the refrigeration industry and providing clients value added solutions and opportunities.

Today, White and Greer continues to expand on its core competencies while relying on its 75+ years of success in order to bring great insight, innovation and creativity to all its projects. To compete in today’s insulation market we must not only look after the needs of our clients but also the employees who make us who we are. Quality, value and cost savings to our clients and providing safe working environments for our highly skilled workers and management team continues to be part of our core values. 

Insulation requires strong, motivated, practical and passionate individuals dedicated to the overall success of the company and its clients in a very competitive market place.



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